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 Our expert personal trainers work with you to help achieve your desired goals.  Whether you’re tired of falling short on your fitness goals, aren’t receiving the personalized attention you deserve, or you’re new to fitness , we are here to support you 100%! 


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Body Elites’ CEO Darrell Smith leader is more than a CEO to body elites, Mr. Darrell Smith is a Master fitness trainer and life coach here at body Elite. I got my start in the fitness industry over 15 years ago from great gyms such as Deb’s gym, X-treme Nutrition, and Body Restoration Fitness. My most Memorable accomplishments came through helping clients such as three (3) young athletes prepare for the NFL Combines and the Arena Football League.  Or when I trained a young pregnant woman up until her ninth month  with just weeks before her delivery. I also helped a young woman with diabetes and obesity who lost a couple of Limbs feel strong and beautiful again. I know what it takes to help you physically, mentally and spiritually become a better "YOU" again. My number one goal is to motivate, inspire and encourage you to live your best Elite life yet! 

 All Body Elites team partner(s) are certified as a personal trainer in order customer(s) with problem solving as it to better serve the body elites pertains to their athletic and fitness training.    

Body Elite promotes balance in all areas of life. As a man thinks in his mind so is he”. A healthy mind equals a healthy and balanced body. What a person eats defines them. this is the balance that we at Body elites will promote to all customer(s) that become a part of the body elites assemblage. 

As a "Body Elite" client, you  will be given motivational advise and wisdom that will push you  to your expected fitness goal(s).  From the novice athlete to the professional athlete, Body Elites will stay committed to serving its customer(s) with unprecedented quality  

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Let's talk about how our program can help you achieve the success you deserve. We will tailor a workout for your body type and create nutritional meal to assist in achieving your goals. Contact us for a free consultation of what "Elite" training can do for you.

Our goal is to Motivate and Inspire you to get fit and stay that way at any age! 

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